Dada 4

This Thursday’s art work-shop, of the SKIDs group in Bruckfelden ( Germany, turned around the theme DADAism. Dadaism was an art movement in the early 20th century and is described as “organized irrationality”. We tried that morning to be irrational in our works but stayed quite tame! It is a step daring verbal creations or collages that are absurdly wild and powerful! But the first dares were proudly presented; especially Florians poems impressed the group.

Otherwise our Leeds travel participants gathered around questions like: What do I want to learn about Leeds and the work of Pyramids of Art in England? What do I want to learn about the other participants and about myself in a foreign country?
The four travelers are looking forward to the adventure that is waiting for them in only one week! The rest of the group is keen on welcoming them back and hearing all about it. We will all travel in our minds to meet up in Leeds – what an excitement to think about the groups coming to Germany in October!