On 8th April, Sukhvinder from Pyramid of Arts wrote :

Hi All,

Hope you are well and enjoying the colourful season of Spring! I’m sending you some information that we would like you to put forward to your groups in preparation to your visit in June. It is short notice for our request and I’m not sure if your groups are on holiday too, which might make it difficult for you to respond to the attachment in time. Please let us know when you can discuss with your groups. Many thanks

To our European partners
We are really looking forward to seeing you in June. We are working hard 
to get ready for your visit and would like to ask you some questions.
Come travel with us…
We are building a NEW MACHINE that can go ANYWHERE!
We want to know…
Where would YOU like to go?
Get your group together and think of a place: a favourite place; real 
or a imaginary
Is it now?
Is it long ago/future?

The COOPERATIONS ART team create CHOKELAND : The place is a secret island with a magic chocolate-fall and a big town on the top of the hill. A flying train allows it to travel wherever you want. Lovely fishes are swimming in the chocolate ocean. The weather is good but not to hot.Carlo title is “Eine vollkrase Stadt in Nordamerika” what means “A totally wicked Town in North America”The yellow ship is ready to come to Leeds.